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Dankers & Frank started in 1998 and specialises in the development of Dynamic Enterprise Resource Management and Event Management Platforms. These platforms are used as value added tools upon the change management and business consulting.

Dynamic Enterprise Resource Management Software (DERM)

Key features are planning and management of highly specialised resources and facilities, which are vital in most business(sub)processes. Available for various industries.


Hospital operation room and its specialists planning. The complexity and interdependence of the resources make it obligatory that planning requirements can be sets at different levels and over combinations of resources, automatically checked and fulfilled and that support for shortcomings should be is instantly visible. Integration of multiple locations and planning of expertise teams is supported (optional).
Additional features as customized reporting, export to pda's and smartphones, exchange etc. on request.
Extensive management (OLAP) support, business rules control and authorisation of usage (roles) are available as well.

Please download the overview of features (.zip file)

We have components of our Dynamic Enterprise Resource Management System in operation in major dutch academic hospitals where we continue to develop more functionality for the various specialisms.

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry (IOP)

We are implementing these resource management platforms to other critical industries as well, such as the Offshore and Airline business platforms.
This Integrated Operations Planning (IOP) Platform is developed to support capacity planning and management on oil rigs and their satellites.
Next to the actual activity and capacity planning it supports automatic flights planning and routing, shuttle flights, validated capacity guestbedding, ShutDown management and forecast control.
Projects may be defined by the various department planners. Put on hold, extended or shifted and dependent items will be adjusted accordingly. The project leaders are informed on changes by a bulletinboard/ alerts to be able to quickly find a valid alternative.

Search and reporting will able the user to use the planning away from and outside the scope of the IOP planview. Reporting supports public and private report design.

Safety regulations management regarding POB max, POBNight max and lifeboats are automatically updated and may be easily adjusted for temporarily maintenance purposes.

Resource management consists of company resources (plus departments and department planners) as well as relevant contractor resources/ companies and expertise.

Please download the shortlist of the IOP platform

Event Management Platform (EMP)
Also fully operational is the internet based Event Management Platform (EMP),
a turnkey ICT Backoffice for Congress and Scientific Organisations. It enables your organization, your coworkers and your participants to online manage:

  • Personal data, any number of events.
  • Automated online abstract handling, distributing, reviewing and publishing, included indexing.
  • It fully supports Multi Channeling.
    This Action Management also supports userdefined libraries.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) to keep track of prospects etc.
  • Online Analysis Processing (OLAP).
  • Site Management in order to manage events, add new or validate relevant pages on the fly, i.e. by using templates.
  • Content Management. Through (libraries of) variables you may easily update all your Event content from only one location.
  • Extensive search facilities, personalizing your agenda etc. etc.

Intranet or Global Workgroup Management
In addition to this, the Event Management Platform may be easily configured for either specific intranet use or global workgroup management where your divisions or workgroups can fully manage their information production, validation, exchange and publishing/ retrieval functionality. It supports authorization for restricted access in data management.
All other aspects of the Event Management Platform are still available in these contexts.

For more information or operational demonstrations please contact the address below.

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